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  Reservation Solution pricing

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USD per month

Unlimited bookings
Free setup & support
All features
No binding

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USD per month

750 bookings per month
Free setup & support
All features
No binding

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USD per month

350 bookings per month
Free setup & support
All features
No binding

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USD per month

25 bookings per month
Free setup & support
All features

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All plans includes all features

 Automatic or manual table management

 Use Connectabl to charge a deposit for reservations

 Allow guests to choose area in the restaurant

 Get an overview with resOS visual table planner

 Get bookings from your Google, instagram and Facebook profile

 Elegant online booking page, form and widget


 Booking calendar, schedule and list views

 Personal communication with your guests

 Automatic guest feedback system

 Easily create and manage bookings and walk-ins

 Works on web and apps for iOS mobile and tablets

 Receive and accept bookings through phone calls

 Reduce no-shows through guest database

 And much more ...

 All subscriptions can be canceled at the end of a billing period/month.

Frequently Asked Booking System Questions

Can you help me set up and integrate your reservation software?

Sure we can, our industry best support team is always ready to help you free of charge. Our goal is the sames as yours; to get as many bookings as possible.

Why do you limit plans by number of bookings?

To keep prices fair for both small and large restaurants, we partner with ResOS reservation software management. Charges are based on the total number of bookings the restaurants receives or creates in the system.

When is my plan upgraded?

As you grow past 25 bookings in a month, we will ask you to upgrade to the "Basic" plan. If you keep growing your plan is upgraded automatically. All upgrades are made at your next payment based on the number of bookings in the past month.


Hungry Diners are searching for you. Let them know you have a seat for them. Connectabl is the only reservation management app that offers in app video and photo experiences. Allowing you to showcase and feature many of your menu items to thousands of people at no cost. Allow your customers to post their own personal experiences for others to see.

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